Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just like my brain

It is pretty foggy outside. Just like how my brain feels. I have gone through the first 10 hours of work hopped up on caffeine. I should be here for just one more hour but I have a feeling my boss is going to call just as I am trying to leave. Just have the hunch.

Otherwise the highlight of my day was telling a story about the Smurfs and a contest back in junior high school where the fix was in. Years later it still made me angry that our home room was screwed out of the prize. I don't recall what the prize was. Probably some cookies, donuts, or other treat for us to enjoy during that first period of school.

My day just turned for the worse as I get an email from someone telling my I am an ass because my boss did not inform me the changes to a document. Here I am demanding items for a couple years just to find out he wants just the past 2 quarters. Thanks for the update boss!

I would go home and drink heavily but I have a meeting scheduled for 7am tomorrow. sigh.


J. Gambino said...

I will help you drink heavily tomorrow!

Hey Jo said...

I second that!! It has been a very sucky day.