Saturday, March 28, 2009

Not too bad

The wedding wasn't as bad as I feared it may be. I had a good time catching up with friends though I know some were disappointed I did not request White Wedding. That song could have caused some problems.

I even lucked out with the city. Meter guy was here just before 10 and done within 10 minutes. Just heard a minute or two of hammering and then a knock on the door saying he was done. That worked out well.

Back to the wedding. Has anyone ever been at a wedding where a reading came from the Book of Genesis? I was quite suprised to hear that.

Another suprise was the length of the ceremony. If you looked at the program you would have swore it would be a full blown Catholic wedding, lasting well over an hour. The program looked like a Italian menu. I cringed when I saw it. But somehow it was banged out in 42 minutes. Short readings help as does a priest who doesn't want to hear himself speak. Only thing he should have done was ask people to stand instead of motioning with his hands. People were slow on the reaction.

Trying to decide whether to go into the office for a couple of hours or attempt to work from home. If I go in I have access to network connections and can get more done. If I stay at home I won't be able to do some things but I also won't have to put on pants.

No pants > going in to office.

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