Friday, March 27, 2009

the Window


Another Friday off. Another day I get to sleep a bit more.

I feel much better today. I got out of work at 7:47. I felt dirty. I felt like my body was covered in dirt. My face felt like I had dipped it into a deep fryer. I wanted to wash it badly. Actually I just wanted to get out of these clothes. I hate to think what time I would have left if the project had not been scaled back.

Seeing that I would get home after 8 I decided that a liquid supper was appropriate. I was happy to see that Burt's had stocked up on the craft brews. So I had myself a happy dilemma. What to get and having to wait until it was cold enough to enjoy. When I saw the North Coast Rasputin Imperial Stout I knew it would come with me. But I needed something cold to drink right away. The Great Lakes Irish Ale sounded good. And it was. The Imperial was not as good as I hoped. Maybe when I down one later I will change my mind.

I am off from work for a couple of reasons. Main one being a buddy's wedding later. I also took the time to have the city come in and replace the water meter. Not sure why they need to do it as they did so just a couple of years back. I have been given that window- between 9 and 12- for them to arrive. Now I sit back and play the waiting game.

I did go down to make sure the meter was free and clear of any debris. I am glad I did. The meter is located next to the tenant's washing machine. Covering the meter was a chair and a bunch of dirty clothes. Ugh! I pulled the chair out and pushed it out of the way without trying to touch any of the dirty socks that I could see in the pile of clothes. I figured if there were socks there could be some nasty undies in there too and I wasn't going to touch anything. After I moved the chair there was still a heap of clothes around the meter. I looked and saw the snow shovel. Yep, I shoveled clothes out of the way. When the person* is done I will put the chair back (I know the tenants won't) and shovel the clothes back into the area. I am not sure whether to ask them to clean that up or not because it will probably fall on deaf ears. I have tried to explain to them that I don't have my dirty clothes laying around in a shared space and appreciate they don't as well. This works for a couple of months and then it starts over. Seems futile.

I should probably put some pants on. Have a good weekend everybody and rock on with your bad selfs!

*gender neutral- could be a chick that comes over and fixes the meter. Cue porn music and my "Dear Penthouse, I never thought this would happen to me..." story.


J. Gambino said...

Bom chick a bom bom chick a bom bom.

Have fun at your wedding. If you get bored early, we will be at THumbs for frosted mugs of beer and salty popcorn.

AletaR said...

They have to change the meter because they probably can't read it from the road. We just had the same thing a few weeks ago. Good luck with the window! Arnie sat around a good portion of the day waiting for them.
Ejoy your day off..maybe you can get a little of "Stb" time in.