Thursday, March 12, 2009

Switching to glide

I had my car out last Thursday. With little gas in the Explorer and a nice warm day forecasted, I fired up the Mustang and took the pony out of the barn. After looking at the forecast for the next 10 days, I may be making the switch to my car earlier this year than last.

Making the vehicle switch is my final declaration that winter is over. The feeling of having a quick car with power is nice. The zip you get from lightly touching the gas pedal as the engine roars to life is just as exhilaration as the handling of the tight curves as the tires grip the road and you hug the turns. Feels great.

When I had the car out for a day last week, I observed some things that had me thinking a bit. Current car status:
• Started easily
• Tires need to have air checked. Looked good though.
• Body is dirty. Dust. Even dirtier at end of day as it was wet out. Car looked happy though like a kid who just have fun playing in the mud.
• Disc in CD player- Death Magnetic, Metallica.
• Coupons on passenger seat- Papa Johns pizza and Charmin toilet paper.
• Back seat- pen does not work, AC/DC disc.
• Trunk- Dallas Cowboys chair, full bottle of Korbel brandy, box of golf balls, Milwaukee Brewers golf umbrella circa 2001.

I now feel like hitting the open road and driving. I may have to put that bottle of Korbel back in my car and get some Coke.

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AletaR said...

Make sure you dust out the back seat prior to giving Gunta a ride.