Friday, March 13, 2009

At the mercy of others

Big project due today. One that was dumped into my lap with little explanation of how things were set up or exactly what was expected. But I forged ahead. I knew what had to be done and was going to do it my way. If the boss didn't like it, so be it. I was ready to point out the lack of direction I was given.

So far it hasn't come down to that. A meeting on the subject showed I was on track so I feel good about it being over today. That is when I receive the final documents that were promised to me yesterday morning.

I am 7 review items and a final memo from being finished. So close but yet so far. Worse part is the day is filled with meetings so reviewing the new documents will need to be fit into the schedule somewhere. Working late on a Friday does not compute for me. Should I be a bit upset when I see one of the people that owes me reports off joking around with her friends on a coffee break? She is probably drumming up an excuse of why the work wasn't submitted to me
the other day.

More later...maybe

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