Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Think about those jelly beans

I saw this message on church board on Sunday. I chuckled at first but then thought it seemed pretty cold hearted. The sign read:
The Easter Bunny did not rise from the dead for your sins

My chuckle was the thought of a church bringing up the Easter Bunny. I understand. The church want to get the message out that Easter is not about a rabbit and get candy. It is an important religous holiday to many people and should be respected as such.

But what about the kids that read the sign. The young kids that believe in just a myth. What are they to think? I saw it as the church stating that they Easter Bunny did in fact rise from the dead but not for your sins. Looks like the church is raising the fact that the Easter Bunny is a cold hearted animal that is nothing more than the living dead, a zombie that distributes eggs and chocolate.

Beware, the Easter Bunny is coming to get you!

Ok, let's get serious for a bit here. Check out the ghost pictures. Being a fan of shows like Most Haunted and Ghost Hunters, this site has some good pics that are worth checking out.

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