Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So good

Hey Wig! Look familiar?

That my friends is a McBobs taco. Yep, a taco from an Irish bar. Correction. The best taco you will find in any bar, no matter the ethnicity.

McBobs is one of those kinda secret joints. It isn't in the best neighborhood at 52 (?) and North but it isn't the worst either. The crowd inside is a nice mix of people. The food is good and cheap. You easily get your moneys worth.

Having gotten out of work late I was starving and decided to stop into get a taco. I thought about it on Sunday after I had done some shoveling but was too lazy to drive there. Seeing it was on my way home- the ghetto drive path- I figured I could stop in, order a taco and quaff a beer as I waited. One Smithwicks later I was on the road, paper bag with taco goodness inside.

Once home I didn't bother to change clothes. I sat down and unwrapped the foil to gaze upon the feast I was about to enjoy. It has been many years since I have had one of these masterpieces. Easily over 10. I picked up taco and took a bite. All the memories came back as it was fantastic. The chicken was hot and spicy, with just the right amount of sour cream and lettuce to cool it off. The jalapenos were crunchy. I was happy as this thing was just as delicious as I recall.

As I chowed down I had a sudden flashback. I remembered the keys to eating a McBobs taco. Keep a hand on the bottom at all times. As you eat you may compact it towards the bottom and it could burst. Look at the picture. This thing is packed and if it bursts you will have a mess. The second key was don't put it down if you don't have to. Putting it down means the contents can shift, especially as you pick it up. First key was to keep a hand on the bottom and putting it down means you don't have a hand on the bottom. This is taco science people!

I was quite content after polishing off the taco. I had forgotten that I was stuck at work for so long. Now I need to stop in and get one of the beef tacos. I will have to get the hot one just to confirm that they were really freakin' hot back then.


Anonymous said...

That taco looks like a burrito.

BamBam said...

Reminder : We MUST stop there on our Beer pub tour.

J. Gambino said...

I forgot all about them! Used to go there with my cousin all the time. Thems good eatin'.

Anonymous said...

Haha, taco science! Sorry, I randomly came across your page.