Monday, April 27, 2009

69 and wet

69 and wet. Yeah I know what you perverts are thinking. Sounds like something pretty good but it is just the weather.

After a very nice Friday with warm weather, the weekend pretty much stunk as it rain and got a bit chilly. When I walked out of the house today the temperature was 69 and it was still wet out. That just may be the high for the day before we cool off once again into the 50s for the next couple of days. Just when you get used to the nice weather is goes away quickly.

A number of people have come up to me to talk about the NFL draft. My reaction has been what draft? My Cowboys did nothing on day 1 and weird stuff on day 2. I consider it a bust no matter how many stars they may have potentially found because they drafted a kicker. If you draft a kicker then your draft is automatically a bust.

The Brewers came close to sweeping the Astros this weekend but shot themselves in the foot yesterday. It looks like the pitching staff is coming around. They got some strong starting performance in Philly and Houston. Now they need to keep it up at home.

I find the stories about the swine flu interesting. So much that when I turned the TV on and was blitzed by all the panic I went and fried up some bacon. Later I wished I had bought that pork roast last week. Would have been some good eating.

The news that interested me most though was hearing this strain is like a super flu. Part swine flu, bird flu, and human flu. A triumvirate of flu bugs joining together to take on the human race. It is like the Axis of the flu world making an attack on the immune systems of people around the world. Makes me wish I had followed through on buy some pharmaceutical stocks last week when I did some research.

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