Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A new trainwreck of a show

I want to work at Vh1. Really I do. I want to be one of these people that sit around in a room and create shows that feature people making total fools of themselves. A show that features douchebags, tools, bimbos, and lots of silicon. Narcissists and people with low IQs would dominate my show because you can insult them to their face and they don't realize it.

I had my doubts when Vh1 announced they would have Daisy of Love on the air. A dunce with tits 3xs the size of her head hosting a show? You can't be serious. But they hooked me with the opening lines making reference to the Tool Academy and some other dumb Vh1 show. After watching the first 10 minutes and seeing the line up of guys I knew this would be ugly. Really dumb and ugly.

Here is a poorly made trailer. On a separate note, what is with the people that tape their TVs? Do they do it just so they can put something on YouTube?

You tell me which one of these guys is suppose to be normal? Which one is the regular guy off of the streets? I say none. That is what make this a nice trainwreck.

A couple drunks, a set of Swedish triplets who act like the Hanson Brothers from the movie Slapshot, lots of band members, a redneck, a cage fighter, and some guy who says he is a teacher. That pretty much sums up the cast.

After watching the a preview of what is to come on this show, this looks like it could be a cross between Tool Academy and the UFC's The Ultimate Fighter. Put a bunch of douchebags together long enough and there will be a fight. Or ten.

Even the host is fun to watch. The reactions and comments Daisy has are funny. Sure most of the candid moments are probably scripted for her but the things she says and her facial reactions are worth watching. They remind me of a friend of mine.

Now I have one favor to ask of the ladies out there. Please watch the crappy trailer and take a look at these guys. Would you want to go out with them? I was surprised by the motley group of losers that were made available to her but she likes it. She thinks most of these guys are hot. Being a man, I guess I don't see it.


AletaR said...

"Alpha Men" ?? I guess if you take a look at her you don't really wonder too much about who's on the show.

Anonymous said...

What you talking about? Some of the guys are hot hot hot ayayayayayyyy.