Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Busier than a one legged man in a butt kickin' contest

Yesterday seems like a blur. Not a nice drunk blur but a work blur. I barely had enough time to get something for lunch between meetings and demos and whatnot. Later at home I spent time either getting some exercise or staring at a laptop. Before I knew it my alarm went off this morning and I was back behind my desk. But please don't consider this a complaint. I feel great this morning and will not bitch about my job to anyone. At great lengths that is. Considering what is going on in the country I am happy to be employed and shall not pompous by whining about some BS that occurred at work when others just want the opportunity to earn a paycheck.

Which leads me to an article by Eugene Kane in today's paper. Mr. Kane gets it all wrong and continues the hit job done by the liberal media on the Tea Parties. In typical fashion, he makes the usual assumptions that it is only people on the Right (Republicans only, not Libertarians or Democrats) that are upset with the wasteful spending plan. He spreads the misinformation about who is behind the events trying to claim that Newt Gingrich or "the polarizing"Sean Hannity are out to incite the masses. He ignores how many groups told politicians they were not allowed to speak because they didn't want their agenda promoted. Ordinary citizens speaking. What a concept. But I guess Mr. Kane wouldn't know that because he got as far as reading a liberal columnist in the New York Times and decided because the guy won a Pulitzer in economics which makes him a political commentator as well. Mr. Krugman's column is opinion, not fact as he has the facts wrong. Unlike the war protests over the past years- which were total failures- the Tea Parties are not being paid for by CNBC or Fox News or any 527 group like MoveOn. There is not a billionaire like George Soros giving millions to make this happen.

This is why the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is going downhill. I notice Mr. Kane has no input from the everyday people that organized the events. Where is the research? Is it that hard to type in Tax Day Tea Party into Google? Even treading out the same Obama line that "they have not offered any alternatives" is crap. Do you not know who Rep Paul Ryan is? Do you job Mr. Kane!

Oh wait. You are. You are hauling the water for the people that want to believe we can burden today's children with debt beyond imagination. You would rather have people believe it is because of hatred and sour grapes over an election that policies that are disastrous and don't add up. Look at the graph and explain to me that people being concerned about how much debt is being piled on is to be dismissed.

See it Mr. Kane who is left out, not the Republicans. Mr. Kane and the liberal left have to put on these hit pieces because now the Right has been able to grab the attention of the people and give them a voice. Because it is not their protest, it is to be dismissed. Liberals like him react with a how-dare-you-object attitude. Scared to hear the people speak, are we Mr. Kane? Telling people that have a different opinion to just Shut Up is not an answer.

You pulled out the liberal checklist when writing this column. Call it a Republican political rally- check. Drop people names that libs don't like like Gingrich and Hannity- check. Claim it is all hate- check. Claim no alternative to bad economic plan- check. About the only thing you didn't do was call it a problem that was inherited from teh Bush administration, even though the chart above shows Obama has made the problem much worse. Well played sir.

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