Saturday, April 11, 2009

That whisky is flat.

I went down to the basement to get a beer. I was barely in the bar area for 10 seconds, barely able to open the can of Hamms before Ben asked the question.

"You doing a shot of Old Grandad?"

I looked over at him and Barney. It was more of a challenge than a question.

"Sure" I replied. "You guys are joining me, right?"

Ben's face froze for a fraction of second. "No, we did ours hours ago." Barney just nodded and went along with it.

The old we-did-our-shots-hours-before-you-got-here line. Like I haven't heard that one before. Life I was going to buy it.

I looked back and was ready to call their bluff. I told them they were full of it. They didn't do any shots. But calling them out wasn't going to be enough.

I reached down behind the bar and pulled out a shot glass. I reached over and grabbed the bottle of Old Grandad's and poured a shot. Staring at both of them I raised the glass, saluted them and toasted the Milwaukee Brewers and drank it down.


It wasn't harsh. It didn't taste like much at all. And that was the problem.

I immediately mentioned to them that the whisky didn't taste right. It was flat (Can whisky taste flat?). There was no semblance of alcohol burn and it wasn't because this stuff was aged to perfection. It had been watered down.

I tried to explain it to them and poured them each a shot. They slowly moved towards the shot glasses, not knowing if I was pulling their legs, trying to get them to do their shot. They drank them down and concurred that the booze had been tampered.

I knew they were bluffing on doing the shots earlier.

But that wasn't it. If one bottle has been tampered then others most likely have seen some H2O as well. I grabbed the bottle of Old Thompkins (yeah, he has a bevy of cheap whisky in his house from a birthday years ago. About the only not there was Old Crow) and poured a shot and drank it down. That bottle had been watered down as well. Grabbed the E&J brandy. Nope, it was good. So was the McGregors Clan scotch.

There are some bottle we didn't touch as we didn't want to get too hammered. But for some reason it didn't stop us from opening the bottle of MD 20/20 that was hidden in the back of the fridge. For the record it was Banana Red and we know why it was hidden. Bum wine anyone?

So it was a good time watching the Brewers come back to win. The night was topped off by watching Eddie Murphy Delirious. 20 years old and still funny as hell!

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TripJax said...

that ending sucked. pretty sure he could have made the double play instead of going home with the ball.


so I take it some teenagers were tearing ip some alcamahol eh. ah,like old times...