Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cold as ice

I feel like I am working in a walk in freezer again today. Just like the changing of the seasons, there is a changing of the HVAC in the building. Translated it means it is cold as a witch's tit when they turn on the AC in the spring even though it is 37 degrees outside and hot as hell when they turn the heat on in the fall when it is 80 outdoors.

I am tempted to go downstairs and grab the leather to keep myself warm. It is that cold. I wonder if I could type with gloves on...

I noticed the soup was something I would not necessarily eat but I may get a bowl or two to soak my hands to keep them warm. I think I could slip a slice of meatloaf into my pants to keep the boys from crawling into my body for heat.

I am tempted to ask if I can work from home during the afternoon hours. Must find something to stay warm.

Now onto a topic that I forgot to cover yesterday. I am sad that one of my favorite shows is over. Yep, the tour bus has stopped and there is no more Rock of Love. For now. Not sure why a rock star needs to go on through this production when you just knew he would pick the Penthouse Pet from the very start. Isn't that how it always happens? Didn't every guy in Motley Crue marry a centerfold?

The good news is this relationship won't last. I will bet big money on it. You can tell it is doomed from the reunion show. When the girl who came in second came up to the stage, Bret Michaels shot his tongue down her throat. They kissed like they had really missed each other. Then when the girl he chose, the POY, came onstage it was kinda the same but not as intimate. As they sat there you could sense the vibe wasn't there either. They then mentioned that they hadn't seen each other for 3 months. This seems to be part of the show. Pick you girl and then you can't see her for a quarter of the year. WTF? She is off getting naked again and you are doing shows were women are throwing themselves at you. Yeah, like this is really going to work.

There are three things that amaze me from this kind of reunion show. First, some of the girls that got booted off very early come back. Why? No one knows you unless you popped your implants. Are you that desperate to be on TV?

Second was the girl who could have been a man. In one episode Michaels is convinced by some of the conniving girls that this one girl is really a man. He just about bought into the idea and was close to asking her if she was a dude. Do you really go on a reunion show that was embarrassing you?

Finally, can someone please put Riki Rachtman out of his misery? What did he do to become Bret Michael's lap dog? Calling Michaels an icon, a legend, a huge star is ridiculous. I like the show and love the band Poison but even I wouldn't go on a show and start licking the guy's boots. Get a life Rachtman!

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