Monday, April 20, 2009

The guy way

There are two ways to get things done. The easy way and the guy way. The easy way requires little thought and can be done in a roundabout way. It may take a bit more time and energy but you know it will work.

The guy way is simply more fun. It takes a little ingenuity and when it works right, it gets the job done quicker and gives a sense of pride. The offshoot is when the guy way doesn't work as well as planned you end up with a broken window, a busted pipe, or a hole in the wall. But at least you are not crawling though your furniture to get untrapped from the corner of the room.

Men will always try to get things done the guy way whereas women will take the easy way. Case in point. I was asked to help move a computer desk for a friend. My friend Ben would be there to help as well. I got there early and did the usual scoping of the situation. The desk came out of this room but she could not get it back in the same way she had gotten it out of said room.
Right away it felt like a challenge. If it came out of the room through this doorway, it has to be able to go back in, correct? We should not have to pick it up and go around the back way (the easy way) when we can slide it in the guy way.

I got a tape measure out (that is what guys do) and checked the width of the desk and made sure it would be able to fit. We had about two inches of clearance going the guy way or the easy way. I made sure we had a screw driver just in case we had to take apart the desk, an option that we did not need.

I tried to slide it back in before Ben arrived but I took the wrong angle and just about wedged it into the hallway. It did not get stuck but we had to pull it out. Ben arrived and took a quick look before we made the second attempt. This time we went a bit further into the hall and took an angle from the bedroom. Sure enough, a quick turn here, slight push there, open up the closet door so the knob doesn't get in the way and BINGO! we are in the room. Who needs to pick up a desk and carry it around when you can just slide it on in.

Not to say there wasn't blood involved. As I mentioned, something has to get broken via the guy way and that was my thumb. I stabbed it on a pushpin that was hanging out the back of the desk. But it was a small injury that had to be taken in tradition of the guy way.


Hey Jo said...

I appreciated the help moving it. No way I could have done it alone. I'll look for your guy ways in a couple of weeks when I have to clear the other rooms out to have those floors done :)

BamBam said...

Yeah.... the pushpin sticking out had to be a given, if the desk actually fit through the opening.