Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Don't try this in Wisconsin

The blogger template is a bit screwed up on my PC today so I can rant on about the possible tax hike on beer sales in Oregon with a link from the Wall Street Journal. Not yet at least.

The people running the state of Oregon want to put raise taxes on a barrel of beer from like $2.60 to over $50. You would walk into a bar and order say a Rogue Double Dead Guy Ale. Instead of paying $4 for that pint, the bartender would look at you and say $5.50 please. Now the article claims that the price would rise by only $1.25 to $1.50 but one should assume either the brewers or the bars would round up more to ensure the tax is collected.

They want to hammer beer drinkers for their own budget short comings. They are willing to kill a thriving industry- Oregon is the second largest microbrewer in the union- to make up for the outrageous spending they do. Of course they claim part of the money will go to drug treatment so it must be a good thing. Yeah, have drunks pay for druggies problems. Needless to say, Oregon is controlled by Democrats.

This pops up every once in a while in Wisconsin but the Tavern League does a good job of shutting it down. But Doyle is a sneaky little schmuck who keeps trying. He already wants to put cigar bars out of business so why not try to shut all taverns down.


Human Head said...

And thus, the Drinkers are forced to join the Smokers amongst the penalized.

Fat taxes are up next.

America, fuck yeah.

StB said...

I knew this was comiing. Just didn't expect it sooner than later.