Thursday, April 16, 2009


I can't get my mind on track. I am sitting at work with my brain going in all kinds of directions as I try to focus and get some work done. But I am losing the battle.

The first 6 hours of my day was spent downtown listening to regulators. They had some good material so it wasn't a total waste of time. It was when I got to work it that things went down

First, some asshat has their car in my parking spot. This isn't a first come, first served deal. The spot is reserved for me whether I show up at 6, 10 or 3. Thus I had to park in the back 40. It is nice out so it isn't a big deal. I am not going to call security because I have better things to do. Next time though, I beg to get the fucker's BMW towed.

I managed to get to work just before the cafeteria closed down lunch service. Barely. It meant there was very little left. Except the brocoli casserole. And burnt hot dogs. Worse yet, the chili is gone. That just about ruined my day. I took my sandwich and went to my desk to eat just to find out I left my portfolio by the salad bar. Yep, barely any good lettuce left there either.

Now, over an hour after I started this post, I am giving up. I lost my train of thought on what I was doing. That is how my afternoon has been.

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