Monday, April 06, 2009

Liver pain

I feel particularly unfocused today. Not sure why. Is it the start of baseball season? Is it because my boss is out this week? Is it because my calendar today is pretty clear? I have no major projects right now but there is always the potential for something to suddenly pop up like it did on Friday.

Speaking of Friday, I had a strange moment at a liquor store. I was meeting up with friends for dinner and needed to make a stop for beer. As I drove through Stallis I wondered where I could find a liquor store. I looked around before remembering I could probably find it on my iPhone. I started playing with the Say Where app when I looked over to the right and saw store right there. I will score that as a victory for the iPhone even though I didn’t quite get through the instructions.

I walked into the store and noticed how small it was. At first I was concerned that they would have no beer selection as I saw just a couple rows of booze and wine. But then I noticed the neon “Beer Cave” sign towards that back and found the coolers. I knew my choice would be limited here. I wanted a nice craft beer but being in Pabst country I didn’t think there would be much of a selection. Well, there wasn’t. I ended up grabbing a six-pack of the Spring Moon and headed to the counter.

It was at the counter that I felt kinda out of place. There was a guy with a 30-pack of Pabst followed by a guy with a case of Icehouse and a six-pack of Keystone Ice tallboys. I set my sixer on the counter just to have a guy behind me put up a case of Busch. They probably looked at me and wondered what company I was the CEO of. Personally I just looked at all the ice beer this guy was getting and thinking what kind of shape his liver is in. Mine hurt from just looking at that beer.

Joke of the Day: What do you call a guy with a one inch dick?

Answer: Justin

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