Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Anyone got at least 20k they can give me?

Caught this nugget via Sports Illustrated. There is a fund raiser for their scribe Dr. Z and one of the items up for bid...

• The Cowboy Trip of a Lifetime. Airfare and two nights' lodging, from
anywhere in the United States to Dallas for a Cowboys game this season at the
new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. But that's not all. The winner and guest will
get to stop by the Cowboys' Saturday walkthrough practice at Valley Ranch, the
club's training headquarters, meet a player, and get a tour of the training
facility. They'll also get an onfield pre-game pass at the football game, with
the chance to meet Cowboys owner Jerry Jones before settling in to watch one of
the Cowboys' eight regular-season games. The game will be a Sunday afternoon
game, subject to negotiation once the schedule is announced later this month.
Minimum bid: $10,000.

I figure it will go for at least $50k. Someone will pony up the dollars so I need some loans and quick. Step up people! If I have to start making porn films on the leather furniture I will. I will start the auditions this weekend to get the ladies lined up because apparently women are willing to do porn just to make some money these days.

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AletaR said...

Before I offer to fund this...who is the guest?