Thursday, April 02, 2009

Nice guy?

Do I try to be the nice guy or not?

Scenario: Co-worker has ticket to Opening Day next Friday. I don't have a ticket but I do have the day off. He has to work because he did not get his request in before me. Other people are out of the office for other reasons and he would be the only body in the department.

Question: Do I offer to work so he can go tailgate and enjoy the entire game? I would be able to leave work and meet up with friends by 3:30, 4 at the latest. He gets to go cut loose and have a good time. There has got to be major goodwill points won here not just from him but my boss too.

So, do I be the nice guy and offer to work so he can have the day off?


J. Gambino said...

Karma can work wonders for one's soul. Be a good guy. I will keep the beer cold for you.

SirFWALGMan said...

Fuck that pussy loser for not planning ahead.. Beer is awaiting you at 9AM!!!! Screw him. Besides your bosses are dumb pricks anyways.. who cares about their fucking pansy good will..

How's that? heh. Actually I would probably be a nice guy and let him go.

AletaR said...

I have to go with the flow and say "be the nice guy". We won't be able to drink all the beer before 4 anyway.

Hey Jo said...

So what was your decision? Were you a nice guy?

Anonymous said...

You should offer to buy the ticket from him.

StB said...

I did let him take the day off. Buying the ticket wasn't an option. He is sitting with family and was going no matter the time he was leaving work.