Wednesday, April 08, 2009


A vodka and cranberry would taste pretty good right now.

Not sure why that thought popped into my noggin. I basically don't do vodka. Its a flavorless concoction for the peasants.

I would rather drink gin. Gin makes you stand apart. Plus if can be used as aftershave!

But for some reason drinking vodka and cranberry has suddenly appealed to me. It won't later when I am in a bar. Or will it?

Maybe it is because of my dental appointment later today. After those dental sessions over a year ago I would go home and drink beer for supper. To an extent it has become tradition. Go to the dentist and then the liquor store of an evening meal of stouts and porters. I just may have to continue this course of events. Afterall, it is tradition.

I saw a car like this on the road yesterday. The unique hatchback caught my eye and had me wondering what it was. Traffic was cooperating for me as the vehicle was two lanes over and I couldn't get a clear look at the make nor model. I would slow down just as they would accelerate.

I did finally see it was a Volvo. But that isn't exactly what I was thinking. To me it looked more like this:

It was if they had updated the Pacer for 2009! I bet if I mentioned that to the driver they would be upset. Maybe even sell the car.

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