Thursday, May 07, 2009

Bend over

We all might as well bend over because we the rogering has just begun. A compromise has been reached to ban smoking in the workplace in Wisconsin. That includes bars and taverns. It will allow bars to have smoking areas outside the establishment but it is just a matter of time before someone complains about the smoke coming from that area as well.

Local columnist Eugene Kane does his best Obama writing with a me me me story. That is the problem with this kind of legislation. It takes away your rights just to make liberals feel better. It allows patrons to dictate what you do in your place of business.

So what is next? Will I be prevented from having more than 3 beers in a bar? Allowed only one shot per night? Be restricted to buying a 12-pack per week? Be forced to put a lock on my ignition that requires an alcohol test before the car will turn on?

Bottom line is this is bullshit. Human Head (thanks for the tip!) mentions this site in the comments yesterday. I found an editorial the author, Jacob Grier, wrote in Oregon. This is only the beginning people. They will find something else to ban or restrict. Only a matter of time. Since we're all going to get screwed I suggest you go buy some KY and make the experience less painful. Or so I have heard.

Off camping this weekend. Down to Bong to freeze my ass off at night. Weather has changed since the beginning of the week when it was supposed to be nice. Now it looks like a chance of rain on Friday night and during the day on Saturday. Highs in the 50s. Why am I doing this to myself again? Oh yeah. Friendship. Good times. Beer. The campfire. Good food. Beer. And alcohol. Yes, trying to convince myself it is the sensible thing to do still.

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AletaR said...

It'll be fine..camping, beer, friends, good food. What's a little cold? Time to be a man scout.