Friday, May 08, 2009

Call of the bottle

The truck is packed up. Everything I need to survive the weekend in the great outdoors is in there. Warm clothes, a bit of food, and a case of beer. As I drove down the highway to work to endure the longest 8 hours known to modern man- those last hours of work before you go away for a weekend or a vacation- I could hear the bottles calling my name. With every bump the road, they would clink and jingle against each other. It was like they were calling my name, inviting me to open the back hatch and pop the cap off and drink their malty goodness down. So what if it isn't even 7 in the morning they sang, come get us! I fought the temptation mainly because they are warm. But in a weaker moment I might have fallen.

Should be a cool weekend at the campsite. When the sun goes down that is. It may be a bit warm when I get there but looks to maybe get in the 60s tomorrow with a chance of rain. Nothing too bad that a roaring fire can't handle. Just getting away from the real world and hanging out with good people is just what I need about now. Beside if I stayed at home I would have to mow the lawn. I would have done that over the last couple of days but every time I gave it some thought it would rain.

As I type this I have the Wall Street Journal open to page W5 (that would be the page 5 of the Weekend section for all of you non-financial types). There is a picture of Milwaukee Brewer Ryan Braun on one page (WSJ predicts the Brewers win tonight 5.3 to 3.9) and a picture of Washington Capital Alex Ovechkin. But what caught my eye was the woman on W4. Porn actress Sasha Grey (sorry, at work and cannot link or post a pic of her) is in some feature film about call girls, The Girlfriend Experience. Which article do you think I read first?

And before I forget, I went back into the CD collection and pulled out this gem:

The disc: Manowar- Fighting the World

Why did I buy this disc? I believe I bought it after seeing the video for Blow Your Speakers on MTV or maybe a local station. It was the 80s and any metal song that mentioned playing the music loud seemed cool.

When is the last time I listened to it? Been a long time. Maybe 15 years.

Will I listen to it again some time soon? Highly doubtful. The first couple of songs are pretty good. The music is rockin' but the lyrics lack a bit. The song Carry On is the best tune on the album. But after you get past track 3 it goes downhill. One can only listen to a theory of a heavy metal band being punished for what they like to do for so long. The theme on too many of the songs is that people that like metal do not get any respect and need to stand up for themselves. That may have been the case back in the late 80s when the PMRC bullshit was going on but 20 years later it is trivial.

Would I recommend it to someone else? Not really. It would only appeal to a slim audience.

Off to survive the work day. Have a good weekend and rock on with your bad selfs.

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