Friday, May 01, 2009

Credit me with the victory

I am taking full credit for the Milwaukee Brewers victory last night. Sure Prince Fielder drew a walk to score the go ahead run, but it was cuz of me that it happened.

I finally got out to Miller Park last night to take in my first game of the year. We got the tickets from the bartender the day before. The seats were just above the visiting bullpen. It was the location of the seats that led to Brewers victory.

No shit Sherlock

It is typical for relief pitchers to walk out to the bullpen between innings. A couple of the Diamondbacks did just that in the middle of the first. After they got down greeting their teammates with some fist bumps, one put his equipment down and began to walk across. At that point I shouted "Hey, need a beer?" He looked up and I gestured towards him by pushing the full cup of beer towards him. He responded "Not now, later." I was surprised the guy even looked up let alone replied.

When the D-backs summoned a lefty to face Prince Fielder in the 7th with bases loaded, I noticed this was the guy that I offered a beer. He walked in Prince for the go ahead run. I tell you people, he was thinking about drinking beer after the game and could not focus. If I hadn't been behind the bullpen and offered the guy a beer, the Brewers may not have won the game.

I did have a backup plan as well. It involved tossing peanut shells over the rail and hoping it got into a relief pitchers eyes. Thankfully it didn't come to that.

And contrary to what you might hear, this isn't me. But I like the jersey.


AletaR said...

Are your buttons popping?

BamBam said...

Love that jersey !