Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The cutting of the grass

To me, the true changing of the seasons can be measure in two ways. Using a shovel to clear snow or a lawn mower to cut grass. Though I had a dream that forecasted 10 inches of snow for tomorrow- something that wouldn't necessarily shock me if it happened- I know I won't be using a shovel for a while.

I pulled the mower out of the shed, staring at the couches as I did. I must remember to make a couple of calls to find someone to take the furniture. I filled the gas tank, pushed the red button to fill the gas line and gave it a couple of yanks. It only took 3 attempts before the mower rumbled back to life. Spring is definitely here.

I don't mind cutting grass. It is more of a chore and when in the right frame of mind I can think things over as I walk around. I like the smell of the gasoline and the smell of fresh cut grass. I don't like the smell of stepping dog shit on my lawn. Yep, that is what happened right out of the gate. Stepped into some fresh crap in my backyard. WTF?

I don't own a dog so there shouldn't be any shit there. I did see a rabbit scurry away when I walked back there but if that bunny laid a turd that big it was more likely to tackle the lawn mower than run. It ticked me off thinking someone let their dog run around into other people's lawns doing their business. I just hope this doesn't happen again.

As I cut the grass I thought about the minor plumbing issues I had since camping. I had two notes to review, one from the cleaning lady, the other the tenant. Cleaning lady said there was water around my toilet. Really? I checked and sure enough there was. I noticed right away it was coming from the tank. Every once in a while the refill tube would pop out of its holder and cause a minor overflow. I noticed this and attempted to put it back into place as the toilet was running.

Big mistake! Water was flying all over my bathroom as I tried to put the tube back in place. I ended up drenching my radio in the process. At first it shorted the tuner. I couldn't get in any FM stations. Later I picked the radio and shook some water out. That got some stations in but the dial was way off. I tried to shake the dial back into place but gave up. The next day I noticed the tuner had shifted as it dried. I could literally hear stations fade in and out as it got back to normal. Interesting.

As for the tenant, they managed to clog up the bathroom sink. I asked them what they are putting down it that clogs it up every couple of months. I get the "nothing our of the ordinary" answer. Bullshit! I will be going upstairs to take care of the matter. I will also lay down the law. If they clog up a sink they are paying for it. It happens too often for it to be considered normal.

Any thoughts on the new color scheme? I know some people do not like the black background and the time for change- REAL CHANGE not fake government CHANGE- had come.


J. Gambino said...

Not sure how I feel about the white. Gives off a purity thing I am not certain you can pull off. Maybe meet somewhere in the middle. I am sure your tenants started using the bathroom sink as the kitchen sink because isn't that the one they usually clog?

AletaR said...

To white. Add a little color. What the heck does "nothing out of the ordinary" mean? Do they not own a plunger?

Hey Jo said...

The white is a bit too boring. I agree that you need more color.

Anonymous said...

I like white better than black.