Thursday, May 14, 2009

More drinking time

I had errands to run yesterday. Things I wanted to get done so I didn't need to run around on the weekend. I set aside some time to accomplish the tasks. I just didn't expect to breeze right through them.

First stop was the DMV. Had to get my plates renewed which meant a stop in to have my emissions checked. I pull into the place and find an expected wait of 2 minutes. As I approach the back of the building I see they have only one stall open with 1 vehicle being tested. I couldn't help but wonder why the other stalls were closed. Was it because it was the end of a slow day or were the government workers being lazy?

Emissions testing has changed quite a bit over the years. I remember them hooking a vacuum like thing on the exhaust and revving the car up. Then running it up to speed on a roller. Now they just plug into the car's onboard computer to get a reading. Not sure how that is different from actually checking the emission of the car but some geek figured it would do the job.

From there I was off to the store to exchange some jeans. A belt loop broke the first day I had them on. Walked right up to the service counter, no wait. Was told to go find a replacement and come back. I did and was out within 10 minutes. Took that long because I wasn't sure where the jeans were in the store and the selection they had wasn't too good. I couldn't find the exact kind I had but got a suitable replacement. Unlike you women I didn't get distracted and buy stuff as I was walking out.

Seeing how what I needed to do was done in half of the time alloted I figured that meant it was time for me to drink so I was off to the bar. We kicked ass in trivia again even though my partners actually thought the Bermuda triangle extended up to Connecticut. Yeah, they ignore my answer of Florida to go with Connecticut. I even drew a map. Funny, it looks a lot like this one does.

If I hadn't nailed North Korea at the end- no that isn't a prostitue I met on Craig's List- we may not have won.

Speaking of Craig's List, I noticed the article today stating they were going to shut down the hooker section. I didn't even know they had one. I always miss out on a good thing. But there were two things that got me. First, the local rag puts the story under the "crime" banner. That seemed a tad harsh but not as the Illinois Attorney General put it, saying "Craigslist's erotic services section had become nothing more than an Internet brothel." Wow Ms Madigan. You make it sound like a bad thing. Sounds like you tried to get some but got turned down.


J. Gambino said...

you did not nail North Korea. I wrote Korea, I meant North and you had to stupidly verify it. Sorry!

StB said...

You are so wrong. You were away from the table. I wrote down North Korea on my paper, turned it over and went to the bathroom. I came back to see you had wrote Korea down. I flipped my paper over to show you the answer. Answer was done while you were on the pot.

Hey Jo said...

I have to side with Steve on this one. I seen him write down North Korea.