Friday, May 15, 2009

is it the weekend yet?

I woke up this morning just before my alarm went off. I smiled a bit and relaxed, happy I didn't have to get up early. Sleeping in on Saturdays is nice. No need to mash a snooze button and-

Oh shit! It is Friday. Motha Fugger!

Maybe it was the beer. I was drinking Lost Coast Great White last night. It was good. A tad lighter than I expected. Would be quite refreshing on a hot day. What attracted me to it was the claim that it was unfiltered and there would likely be some yeast on the bottom of the bottle. Sure enough, there was. Normally I would take a little care to not dump the sediment into my glass but I got sloppy on the second beer during the Red Wings victory last night. I think that is what kept the brass section going all night.

Looks like the rain will prevent me from cutting the grass tomorrow. Darn!

It is a bossless day so I got that going for me. Just enough work to keep me occupied as well. My big decision is whether to go out for a drink right after work or go to the liquor store and find something different to drink.

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AletaR said...

Brewer game viewing tonight. I have combo's.