Tuesday, May 05, 2009

No fake holiday celebration

My day was going pretty good. One project finished and launched as another one was wrapping up. I had been busy but felt like I got quite a bit done. Just when I wanted to get out of work the phone rang. I didn't want to answer it because I didn't recognize the number, but with many people around the country calling in you can't let them all go to voicemail. I should have let this one go as well.

I wish I hadn't answered this call. As it turned out, it was a salesman I had called back. I had asked my boss if he knew this guy who left a message for me. He didn't but said I should call back anyways. I have a simple rule about messages. If you do not tell me who you are, the company you are calling from, and the reason for the call, I have no inclination to call you back. Just don't have time for it.

It wasn't just that the guy was a salesman, he was a bad one. He really wasn't trying to sell me anything but was looking for help to get his foot in the door with another division. He calls as I am trying to leave and mumbles on about this product and the superior technology. When I realized he just wanted to be able to use my name I worked to get him off the phone. Sure, go ahead, whatever. He should have taken the hint. Next he asked about another product of his we use. It sucks. Big time. When I told him we were dropping it I could hear the wind get sucked out of his sails. I then told him I had to go and hung up. Left the guy high and dry. Heh.

I caught the end of a nice comeback by the Brewers. Rickie Weeks with a huge home run in the 9th. It is only a month into the season but it looks like Rickie has stepped up his game a bit. Playing better in the field and hitting much better than last year. You gotta love it when guys step up in the last year of their contract.

I won't be heading out anywhere to drink for today's fake holiday. I will give credit to some beer companies though. Good job taking a celebration in some little area of Mexico and making it into a drinking day. A poor man's St. Patty's Day if you will. Nice job Corona! Way to go Cuervo!

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