Friday, June 26, 2009

Pass the tequila

I felt like crap this morning. Not sure if it was the seemingly endless pitchers of margaritas or the fact that I don't want to be at work today. What appeared to be a relaxing Thursday turned into me downing tequila cocktails and going down to Summerfest. The Summerfest I can see but tequila?

At least I didn't do something stupid and followed my own rules. While others started ordering full meals at Botanos, I went a la carte. I knew the rice and beans would be their downfall later. I went with a taco and the chips and guac. Was able to continue drinking through the night while the others fell off.

I didn't see anyone at Summerfest. It was a work crowd with people from both coasts in town. There was a guy at the mid gate stage doing a Jerry Lee Lewis bit. I am not sure whether it was a tribute thing or not but he was pretty good. What I saw of the show that is. No one wanted to stay and hear some more.

The crowd at the Harley Stage taking in Rancid was interesting. Lots of black, mohawks, and tattoos. They seemed to be enjoying the band so it was good.

I also feel the need to give the first beer alert. Hell, maybe I should update the beer guide to Summerfest too. The Water Street Brewery is short pouring. To me, that is a serious crime at Summerfest. The rule is simple, pour the beer to the line. Not under it, not with a ton of foam. I don't care how busy you are. Take the time to pour a good beer.

On better beer news, I noticed that they had some vendors walking through the crowd selling bottles of Lite just like they do at Miller Park. Fantastic idea! There are some areas that get crowded or spots you just want to sit and relax. Having the beer come to you is always a good thing.

Finally, it was interesting to see they moved the M&I Classic Rock Stage. Instead of facing north towards downtown, they have it facing west towards the south gate. Looks like they may have more room but am not sure. Will have to check it out again tonight.

On the docket: the Offspring

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BamBam said...

Short pouring is a crime for certain. Not caring to pour a proper beer when it's your job to do so, should be punishable by capital crime standards in my book.

But at least those that do it, make the tip amount calculations easy!