Wednesday, June 03, 2009

My fantastic city!

I wanted to follow up on the mayor of Milwaukee intentions to furlough city employees because I did see a response from the union leader on the news. But I came across this story when I noticed the local newspaper was not following up on it. They had mentioned the possibility a month ago. I guess they were way ahead of the television reports.

I went to the website of the TV station that had the union boss on it. I was hoping to watch the clip again but stumbled up on this gem instead:

(Apparently the embed isn't working so here is the link to the video)

A 50 person brawl because a 10 year old girl had a crush on a 13 year old boy. The boy had the audacaity- THE AUDACITY- to not return the feelings. So lets get us some clubs and bats and bleach bottles and go pummel some the sisters of the 13 year old boy. WTF?

That is crazy in its own right but when you listen to some of the comments from the two girls interviewed, it gets even more fucked up. "He be too old to be going with her" A 13 YOB is too old for a 10 YOG? No, they are both too young! "They started beating the girls in the face, taking turns." Adults beating on two young teens. So classy!


But I still think this guy is a bigger jackass.

The mayor is grandstanding. I guess throwing out ideas, you know, brainstorming, is a bad thing. Throwing ideas out to your constituents- the people you answer to, not union leaders- should be stopped. This guy thinks that the union should be able to dictate to the people of Milwaukee how things are going to be. My favorite comment from Rich Abelson, the union leader, is this "We can't be equal participants in this process if elected officials want to go out on their own and do things because they think it is politically expediant". Or translated "If they don't talk let me know about this first I am going to hold my breath until they do!" Thankfully, city employees are not as childish as this man. They understand the state of the economy and realize that everyone needs to make sacrifices. That should include and start with government. If only our President would realize that and not spend a couple hundred grand to go to New York on a date with his wife.

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