Tuesday, June 02, 2009

All for naught

I did what they told me to. Didn’t drink any coffee before the appointment. Kept drinking water. But that wasn’t good enough. They kept sliding the needle in and out of my arm like they were playing the violin, hoping to find the vein. But she gave up saying it collapsed because I was dehydrated.

She then began the inquisition. Did you drink coffee this morning? Did you have anything to drink last night? When was the last time you had a drink? All I could think was I am going to need a drink after this debacle. The moral of the story is to go out drinking every night.

Because I didn’t drink any water last night my body was dehydrated and thus the blood didn’t want to flow out of my body. So much for passing the gallon mark I guess. But I could have done without the violin playing. I can take the pain but when you keep sliding that needle it in and out of my arm and pressing the top of the skin around over the needle it becomes quite irritating.

The other thing I could have done without was the beast of a woman that was in the bus before me. I overheard one of the blood nurses ask her if she wanted a magazine. I heard her say, "yeah, how about a Playgirl?". At first I thought I misheard it but then another girl said "Did she say what I think she just said?" I could care less if some chick reading a Playgirl as long as the men can have their Playboy. But the thought of this wooly mammoth getting excited at the pictures is pretty disgusting.

I heard on the radio today that they mayor of Milwaukee is going to push for most city employees to take 2 days of unpaid furlough around Independence Day and Labor Day in an effort to save the city $3 million. I think it is a great idea though I am surprised he came up with it. I am waiting to hear the moaning and groaning from city employees today. When they suggested this at a county level, the unions balked right away even though it meant not losing jobs. It is like they rather have some people get fired than work with the city/county to ensure everyone keeps a job. That is one big problem with some unions nowadays. They want to be in combat mode when they need to look around and see they are better off working with the employers, not against them. Many people in private companies have had to take pay cuts or unpaid days to keep their jobs. It is time the public sector did the same thing. After all, it is tax payer money that is paying their salaries.

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BamBam said...

Long ago I said, "The day of the union has come and gone. It's purpose was served but now, it's purpose only seems to serve. Itself!"

There's been talk of similar activity around these parts, where our Canada Day falls on Wednesday the 1st. of July. The result would be to take the Thursday/Friday as un-paid. Makes sense to me. I'm all-in!