Monday, June 08, 2009


I first woke up when my cat started scratching his head with his hind leg and the bed shoke. Yeah, that fat ass can make the bed shudder when he starts up. That is why I usually get him to stop or knock him off the bed. It is very annoying.

The next time was when the storm passed through. A nice rain fell. It was a big storm from what I could tell. Not much in terms of lightening or thunder but maybe I was half asleep. I did doze off quickly after having woke up.

The third time was when I heard my tenant's cat whining upstairs. The damn thing was loud. I wonder if it bothered my cat. I was willing to take him upstairs to kick the crap out of the tenant's cat. My cat don't play well with others.

Otherwise I had a nice relaxing weekend. That means I didn't do much. I should have finished clearing out the spare room but didn't. As I look at it there isn't much to do. A couple of boxes that I can trash, a piece of broken exercise equipment that an alley scrubber would certainly take away for scrap, and an old computer. Once I get rid of that the other stuff just needs to be organized. Maybe I can do some of that during the week. At the very least I can haul stuff to the alley.

So I polished off the Horny Goat beer. The Exposed was good. It hits home on a warm day. I will have to try the other two soon. At just $6.49 a sixer, that is a good deal. Maybe I will take some down to Chicago this weekend.

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