Saturday, June 06, 2009

Subtraction by addition

It Saturday morning and I am waiting for the cable guy to show up. He is installing home phone service that I don't necessarily want nor need. But my adding the phone, I am dropping the amount of my bill by $15. Subtraction by addition.

Just finished playing some poker and had one of my better sessions playing PLO. Did that to kill time waiting for the cable guy. Making some money while waiting feels good.

I see the cute blonde girl across the street has a For Sale by Owner sign up. Bummer she is moving. But now I got her phone number. Heh!

I am wishing I hadn't played dice last night. Not only couldn't I win to save my life- the bartender was trying to let me win- I felt sluggish from the shots this morning.

I took a look at the mug on the glass I was drinking water out of. The downtown bar has been closed for over 10 years now. It used to be the sports bar in Milwaukee. I wonder how I got the mug. Did I steal it or was it part of a promo?

Just when I was a bit perturbed about the Beatles coming out on Rock Band whereas Guitar Hero had Metallica, I see that they will have a slew of Iron Maiden coming out next week. I will have to download it but I can get all of their best songs. Must look into the wireless router again.

Enough babbling. Where is the damn cable guy? Maybe they will send a chick over instead...

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