Thursday, June 04, 2009

They named the beer after the old guy

WE finally got a nice day in the Beer City. So nice that I decided to go with the liquid dinner and headed down the street to Berts to get some beer.

Walking in I kinda knew what I wanted. I wanted to try the new local craft beer from the Horny Goat Brewery. I just hoped they had some that was cold. But what I saw did not look too promising. And I am not talking about the grocery cart that was filled with MD 20/20!

The shelves that use to house all the craft beers was gone. Not a good sign. Worse yet, I forgot to ask if they were going to be stocking any in the future. The coolers had the remains of what used to be on the shelf. And that wasn't much. I gazed at the slim pickings and decided to try the Breckenridge Pale Ale. Their Vanilla Porter is a fine brew so I had to see how the Pale Ale was.

What I didn't see was the Horny Goat. So I walked up to the counter and tossed the 6-pack on down and asked about the Goat. The old guy called to the younger dude vacuuming and asked where they kept the Horny Goat. Young dude shows me. It was a big display next to the other set of coolers. I walked by it twice.

I grabbed a sixer of the Exposed and began to pay for my beer. As I did the young dude yells out "Hey, you get a glass with that!" Uh...ok. I waited for the guy to bring up the pint before leaving. As he handed it to me the old guy slurs "They named that beer after me". I couldn't help but laugh. The young dude then said that no one wants to see him exposed. Difference between the two slurring is the old guy sounded like he may have had a stroke. Young dude just may have been drinking.

So I wait for the Horny Goat to chill. Looking forward to giving it a try. As for the Breckenridge Pale Ale, it is good. Smooth with a bit of hoppiness to it. Wasn't expecting the hop but it isn't overpowering. A good beer for a nice day.

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