Tuesday, July 21, 2009

As only seen on TV- hopefully!

I love products that make people even lazier than before. Why walk when you can call the Scooter store and move around sitting down! Why spend time standing in front of a stove cooking food when you can set it and forget it!

So why bother drying yourself with a towel and throwing clothes on? Wouldn't it be better if you could just walk around in a wet, dirty towel? Why, yes it would!

Is this really just a lame excuse to bring back the toga? Look at the guys in the commercial, proudly going with the one arm move. And look, it is so easy to do! *smile*

And who the hell would wear something like this to the beach? Probably the same people that go shopping in sweat pants. I bet there were a bunch of people at the beach wondering who the dumbasses in the gay towels were.

If someone came to my house for a barbecue and was wearing one of these things, I would kick their ass off of my property. This is like a bad joke. An experiment on how dumb people really are. If you cannot handle putting on a robe or wrapping a towel or just putting on any clothes, you shouldn't leave the house. You are a danger to the rest of society with your fragile little self.


AletaR said...

Oh crap! I hate paying return charges. How about if I just sew on some Cowboys decals. I'll even let you have the free backpack that comes with it.

TripJax said...

That might as well be an SNL skit...