Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This is my dream, nacho dream!

I had one of those great dreams last night. One that seemed pretty real but had enough strange things going on to remember some the details.

The dream stars innocently enough. I am in the upper unit of my house cleaning up after the tenant had moved out. I decide to go down back steps to empty the trash. This is interesting because now my house not only has entries on the front and back, it reminds me more of a place I lived while at school in Oshkosh. But I digress. To get to the back stairs I have to go through another room. As I do, I walk into a room I totally forgot was there. This room is like a little kitchenette but with two of everything. Two stoves, two sinks, two refrigerators. As I walk in I am amazed that I had forgotten about the room and start to check it out. I hadn’t been in the room since I had bought the place.

That is when I run into more refrigerators. There is actually a vending machine in the room as well. My friend Annette shows up from who knows where and asks about the machine. I show her that it is still fully stocked with sandwiches, donuts, chips and other stuff. She comments that it would be nice if there was stuff to put in when it was empty. I tell her not to worry and point to a refrigerator next to the machine that has a big window in the freezer. You can see piles of donuts inside for the vending machine.

Annette asks what else I have. I show her a nacho cheese dispenser that not only still works but has cheese in it that appears to still be fresh from whenever the prior owner, not tenant, moved out. She makes a comment that I will be bummed when I run out of cheese. I laugh and tell her it is covered as I whip open yet another refrigerator door to reveal a humongous back of nacho cheese.

We go on to a 5th refrigerator to find it is empty. From there the dream winds down as I turn off on a faucet just to see rusty water come out. Annette wants a drink and I am telling her to let it run away and it will be good enough to consume. Of course she turns on a different faucet and gets fresh water right away.

That basically is it. I woke up thinking I had another room somewhere on my house to go check out. But sadly I don’t. Man, I really could have gone for nachos for breakfast too.

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J. Gambino said...

Perhaps the thought of the build your own nachos this Saturday has snuck into your subconscious.

I had a dream about you too. But I can't divulge anything here.