Monday, July 06, 2009

Back to the grind

I cried a bit last night. When it came time to go to bed and actually turn the alarm on, I cried knowing my vacation was over. No sleeping in. No drinking all night. Responsibility was back. I couldn't tell if my cat was smirking at me for having to go to work or if he was sad I wasn't going to be around to pet him most of the day.

I hadn't even made it halfway through the day when my ass started dragging. I was down. I may have to check for splinters when I get home. Thankfully a couple of conference calls allowed me to zone out and semi sleep.

I guess it is a bit of detox. I had basically been drinking since last Wednesday. Every day, drinking beer and help prop the bottom line for a couple local breweries.

I slogged through the emails and pushed through all the interoffice envelopes. I was stunned there were no voice mails. People actually listened to the message and didn't leave any requests to call them back? Miracle!

I just need to find something to get me through the day. There is a bar across the street. Maybe I can set up a meeting on my calendar and call it an early one...

1 comment:

J. Gambino said...

You suck! I got voicemails that started, "When you get back in the office..."
But I think my first day back went better than yours so it's a wash.