Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Blogger is giving me fits today. Won’t load properly or give me ability to link or font or add pics. I am not sure why this happens. I could be the laptop I am using or it could be universal. Any which way you get a unspectacular post because of it.

I am sure I am something brilliant to say earlier with links to all kinds of cool stuff. But because I am not able to add stuff in I can’t give you the entire experience you would like. I could take appointments for the ladies but that may cost you some money.

The big story in Milwaukee was the bacon fire down to the south in Cudahy. The Patrick Cudahy plant was up in flames for a good 20 hours. All kinds of fire departments were called in to assist in the fight. People were evacuated from homes and are told to not use much water today as the system is low. I believe they say 1300 people are currently without a job until they figure out what to do.

Personally I was disappointed. I think I am roughly 10 miles from the plant. I fully expected to come home to the sweet smell of bacon wafting through the air. Instead I smelled Lake Michigan. There isn’t anything sweet about Lake Michigan air. Sometimes it smells like ass. I wonder why?

Hopefully I can upload some pics from Summerfest tonight. Maybe Blogger will cooperate with me then. Until then I wonder if the video of pervert Michael Jackson's ghost will haunt any one?

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Hey Jo said...

I am less than a mile away and could never smell bacon. Bummer! It was always a good smell when they were curing the bacon and the wind was coming from that way. YUMMY!