Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Belts and dreams

Before I get into the dream I had last night, there is something that has me happy but confused. It is like I can look but if I do I most likely will be in trouble.

I had a short meeting with a co-worker this morning covering various items. It was at her desk. She sat the whole time while I stood going over a couple items. I had to make it short so I wouldn’t get busted for continually looking at her breasts. Sure I usually do that on my own but this time it was like she was calling attention to them with a belt.

Yes, a belt. She had this little think belt around her chest, just under the mammarological area. It looked out of place but it was like a magnet that kept drawing my eyes there. I was to ask what the purpose was but with the uptight politically correct world we live in I would probably have been accused of sexual harassment and sent to HR. Beside my mama raised me better than to ever ask such a question. At work that is.

What is the purpose of this belt? If I see something like this I will just look at your tits instead and act like I am figuring out the purpose of the belt. Furthermore I figure you are asking me to check out your rack by putting said belt there. For the record it was a good rack.

I had an interesting dream last night, one that made little sense. I had just left a meeting with some people. One of these happened to be the son of my boss. My boss wasn’t around but his kid was. I have never met the kid either but was told to take care of him. We got on our bicycles and started riding down a road. As we did a guy on a moped sped up and started to lead us. As he did he said we had to be careful while riding this path. The road had then turned from a country road to a grass bike bath. It was about 5 feet wide with bushes and trees on both sides. As you rode your bike you kept hearing voices on either side. At first they were women but it would later change to men. I kept asking the guy on the moped what was going on but he wouldn’t answer. I then noticed I was pedaling faster than the group and trying to keep up with the moped guy. I had to slow down to let the group- especially the kid- catch up. As I did, I started to guys in the sparse brush coming towards the path. It then all clicked. The people were hiding so they could jump out and steal our bikes. As I realized it I saw some guy in a wifebeater trying to make his way out to mug me. He was able to get through so I sped by him. I then slowed down to let the group catch up. It was then that I noticed the moped was no where around us anymore. I figured he sped off.

Once the kid caught up we proceeded down the path but didn’t get too far before a guy jumped out at us. Just as he was about to grab the kid he fell to the ground. I looked around and wondered what the hell just happened. I then noticed the guy on the moped was hovering above us. He landed the craft and told us what happened. He shot the guy with a tranquilizer and that the thief would be ok. He explained they help get people down the path when needed. If they are attacked they will either tranquilize them or use a tazer.

Then I woke up. It was just before 4 am and I would have trouble getting back to sleep. Damn dream.


J. Gambino said...

I will bring my dream book to Bluemounds and we will get to the bottom of this. I think you need to start keeping a diary of what youe eat/drink and dream.

AletaR said...

And all I dreamt about was my balloon head and being at a winning Brewers game.