Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hopefully they will reconsider

There is a story about a lady giving birth on the Milwaukee freeway system yesterday. People were making comments that the kid should be named after the car, or the curve they pulled over on, or even "shoulder" because that is where the baby was delivered.

Really people? How stupid can you be?

If the lady had the child on a street corner would you name it Hooker? Of coure not, you would name it John if it was a boy. Ok, bad joke.

By thinking the child has to be name after the vehicle it was delivered you run the risk of giving your kid a stripper name. Mercedes, Porsche, Lexus. You want the kid to be on the pole later in life?

Instead, these parents went and gave the kid a stupider name. One I hope they will change later. These people gave her a middle name of "Freeway". I guess "highway", "throughway" and "breezeway" were just trashy.

But it gets worse. Freeway is actually the name of someone who is a bit of a local celebrity. There is a mentally challenged man that shows up at local sporting events that most people know. He is typically shown dancing in the crowd during breaks in the action. When on TV most announcers acknowlege him by name.

So giving you kid a name- even a middle name- that makes it sound like you named her after a retarded guy isn't such a good idea. Please, give it a second thought.

UPDATE via Shaun's comments: Freeway has a Twitter account! Thanks Shaun!

Locally the city is looking to raise the fees they charge us. I am a bit upset but not totally. The fee for snow removal may just over 20%. I have no problem with that. Snow removal is needed and I want my street cleared. I am willing to suck that part up. What I would like is better management over the process. If we have a surplus because of a weak season, keep it for next year, do not detour the funds to some other project. Then lower the fee for any successive season when surplus is reached.

On the other hand they want to jack up the water rates. In this instance they want to raise water fees 28% to not just cover the costs but to make a profit to balance the city budget. This I do have a problem with. Water should not be a profit center. They shouldn't be charging people more to cover bad programs and decision by the city. And don't feed me some bullshit about the fees being the lowest in the country even after a raise. That has nothing to do with justying taxing people to take a shower.

I expect both of these items to go through. When it comes to raping the people of Milwaukee for fees and taxes, government has no restraint.

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Shaun said...

I just found Freeway on twitter.