Friday, July 17, 2009

Don't Need Nothing, But a Good Time

As I drove over the Hoan bridge this morning, I noticed the black smoke floating above the downtown skyline. Something was on fire and appeared to be burning pretty good. Because downtown Milwaukee isn't that big it is hard to tell where the fire is from the vantage point of the bridge. My guess was the near north side, just beyond downtown. I would wait until I get to work and check the local newspaper's website to see what was going on.

That was over an hour ago. No news on what is burning. Good job Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. No wonder few people pay to read the paper. You don't report what is happening. Instead you are telling us that the breaking news is a farmer's market in South Milwaukee and that it is going to be cold outside. At least cold in terms of a day in July.

Ok, they now have a pic on the website two hours after the fire started. House was destroyed by the fire. From the picture they have provided, you can't even tell there was a house there.

I am looking forward to the concert tomorrow. Def Leppard, Poison, and Cheap Trick. That is a good lineup for people who love 80s hard rock. I have seen each of these bands multiple times so I expect the show to be very good. I am curious as to how long each will play. I don't see why Cheap Trick can't be given an hour, or basically the normal length of a Cheap Trick concert.

Poison usually puts on an hour and half, hour 45 minute show. I would expect his to not get passed an hour and 20 minutes this time around. Def Leppard usually plays about an hour 45 minutes. I will need to do my research to see what they are playing as well. None of these bands have any new music out to promote, as least that I know of. Doesn't matter as the library of music they do have is pretty deep.

So go forth and bang thy head this weekend if you can. At the very least, rock on with your bad selfs!

Oh, the porn star in question yesterday? Candie Evans.

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