Monday, July 27, 2009

I would have to be insane

The weekend is barely over and I am thinking of what to do next weekend. Do I go camping with the clan or do I take it easy at home. Sure camping is a good time to get away, drink beer all day, and burn stuff. But this campground isn't just a short jaunt down the road. It is on the other side of Madison which makes it a 2 hour drive.

It is that two hour drive that is bothering me. On a Friday after work dealing with traffic two hour drive. I have been debating this in my head for a couple of days. But I think I have the answer.

Saturday is National Mustard Day in Mt. Horeb Wisconsin. How can I not go camping when National Mustard Day is so close by??? I would have to be insane not to go! I know you clicked on the link by now. And you are probably thinking the same thing I am. The Duchess of Mustard is having a great time, thus if I was at National Mustard Day, I would be having a great time.

Oh wait, there are free hot dogs?

And a cheese maze? Wait, why isn't it a mustard maze?

I am sooooo there! I hope I have time to enter the writing contest.

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