Friday, July 31, 2009


From the time I got home and walked in the door, I was bombarded with notes from other people. Right there on the door knob was the first one from my cleaning lady.

Kitchen Floor Damp

4:20? I wonder if that was some new strain of weed people buy at the medicinal marijuana shops in California. They have plenty of funky names for the dope out there that it would not surprise me.

Once inside I had another note from the cleaning lady thanking me for the cash and stating she is looking for more work during her week off. I don't really have anything for her to do unless I have her paint the bathroom, a project I keep putting off. Maybe I can have her trim some bushes or pull weeds. I would like to help her out but don't know if I have anything that needs to be done.

The next note had me puzzled. I have changed the names and locations. It read:

To StB,
We are going to Dubuque, Iowa to see the Lipshitz (my) family. We are leaving Sat-Wednesday nite. Could you please take in the mail & papers?
Lisa Lipshitz
Thanks+ love to you

Hey, Lisa Lipshitz is going to Iowa and wants me to look after the mail. I can do that. But I do have one question?

Who the hell is Lisa Lipshitz?

I have this note asking me to check after some one's mail but I have no clue who the hell she is. Is she a neighbor? A friend of my tenants? And why is she giving love to me?

I was going to check with the tenants but they weren't home at the time. So now I sit back wondering who Lisa Lipshitz is. I just hope they have fun on the Lipshitz compound in Iowa.

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