Monday, August 03, 2009

More strange dreams

I had myself a great weekend in the middle of nowhere camping. So great that I came home, cleaned up and fell asleep while trying to read a book. A couple hours later I was up and trying to figure out what the hell happened.

To top it off I had some strange dreaming going on last night. These are the highlights I recall:

Sewer golf was the rage. Yes, somehow people were crawling into sewers to play golf. Not sure how they did it but it was a big problem.

Speeding down the street in a Trans Am trying to avoid golfers coming out of the sewers. Of course this doesn't make any sense. But I think Dirk Benedict was driving the car and we were barely able to avoid people that were opening the manholes and tossing the covers to the side.

Breaking out of prison in underwear and a flannel shirt. I am not sure it was really me that had broken out of a prison because there were different views. Sometimes it was a view looking back with me running and other times it was the view of the runner. I just recall having on tighty-whities and running with a shirt as a friend yelled for me to get back. I think that friend got a guard to shoot him so I could get away. I do recall turning a corner and acting like I was a citizen running scared from the gunfire.

Leading a pack of friends to my house to watch Jenna Jameson on PPV. Right after my daring escape I was going to watch porn apparently. Isn't that what guys do when they get out of jail, go seek naked women?

Having a friend win a case of beer from some guy on the street selling raffle tickets. This happened in relation to going to watch Jenna TV. I even recall yelling that Matt was bringing the beer!

There was another piece that I wish I could remember but just can’t right now. It was the better part of the dream and was the part that really seemed strange to me.

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