Sunday, August 30, 2009

First to arrive, last to leave

I spent my Saturday drinking at a friend's house. He throws a party every year inviting people from work. It is usually a good time but yesterday the weather didn't cooperate and it left people in a not so festive mood.

I was surprised I was the first to arrive over an hour late. It was another 15 minutes before anyone else trickled in. The cold weather then proceeded to dampen the mood with the wind picking up and the temps dropping to the low 60s. Not quite the August heat we normally have.

The party ended in a wimper when everyone basically got up and left. My friend was hurt by this. I could tell he was upset that that people left the way they did. It was like they had something much better to do. So I stayed around drinking some more before calling it a night.

I had some Founders Dirty Bastard Ale and Flying Dog Doggie Style Pale Ale to keep me happy. I am not sure who else drank the beer but it was gone at the end of the night. There were bottles missing. I don't care that someone else drank it but would have liked to know what they thought of it.

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