Sunday, August 30, 2009

The other side of the fence

I was a little surprised when I read the latest on the Mercury Marine debacle. So far I have been bashing the union on the moronic stance that has guaranteed job loss in Fond du Lac. Today the story changes. Mercury Marine officials now say they won't honor the results of the new union vote.

Saying they won't accept any votes made after midnight is simply childish. We are talking about time spent on a Sunday, when Mercury Marine aren't working. It is not like they are being put out by waiting on a Sunday to hear the results. How is MM put out if they don't hear the results until the start of business on Monday?

It is apparent the workers have realized they made a mistake. They called for the re-vote. Now is not the time for MM to pull away from the table. Let them cast their vote and make a decision when normal business hours resume tomorrow. There are too many jobs at stake for the people of Wisconsin.

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TenMile said...

Cessna Aircraft Company basically went through the same drill. They still did the moves (two production sites).

In many ways you can not blame them. The Unions are blood suckers. Necessary, when formed I suppose, but have morphed into to liabilities.