Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I need a touch of madness

I didn't sleep well on Monday night. Tossed and turned and generally stared at the ceiling. Spent the day holed up in meetings in a room without windows. Last night I dreamt of a girl I dated in college and moldy cheese and lunch meat. Huh?

Today will be spent in the same room reviewing material I am familiar with. I have to speak for some time so I can break the monotony but this looks to be a boring day.

Thankfully I have a good concert to hit up tonight. One of my favorite bands, Night Ranger, is playing at the State Fair. I just need to get through 11 hours before I can get a beer and maybe some chocolate bacon on a stick. To say I want this day to fly by is an understatement.

But it isn't all bad. The team went out to dinner last night and I did get a fantastic meal out of it. Braised short ribs with mashed potatoes. Mmmm. Toss in a couple of the Lakefront Monkey Wheat Ales and a Hefe Weiss for dessert and I was content.

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