Monday, August 10, 2009

Big ass dreams

Was way too busy to talk about my dreams today. Had two of them last night. The first one actually had to do with dreams. I had the ability to make my dreams come real. Except that I hadn't learn to do it quite yet. I had a mentor who was going to teach me but she first had to protect me from some guy who was going to kill me.

Neat huh? I am having a 6 year old kid dream. FML.

The second dream was about me moving to a new house. I recall coming home and driving right by it because the color of the house would change depending on where the sun was. I drove by in my car, turned around on a moped and ended up pulling up to the house on a tiny tricycle. I put the tiny trike on the deck which was on the side of the house. I went around back and saw that my neighbor was a guy who I work with. He was busy in his pool beating his kids. I proceeded to find a key to get in the house all the while thinking I should make a spare key. Oh, later my neighbors, Lucy and Ethel would come by. Yes, I did watch some I Love Lucy before falling asleep.

I don't know if I will have time to post anything tomorrow. Going to be a long day at work. There is a subject that has been bothering me too. Women and how messed up their bodies get when they get pregnant. I don't know if I want to go here because it may border on the way insulting side. It shouldn't as it is just an opinion and second I can't help it if some chick's ass balloons and stays that way 5 months after she had the kid.

Guess that wasn't nice but I am in a bad mood. I tried one of those software packs to speed up my pc but it did the exact opposite. It has made it slower. I now have the fun task of trying to get my money back. I doubt it will happen.

Looking forward to State Fair this week. Great guitar rock on Wednesday with Night Ranger. Just need to get through 2 days of work. And avoiding that giant ass.

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AletaR said...

You sound just a tad bit crabby already.