Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Where are thou blonde girl?

I have been keeping an eye on a house across the street from mine. The small two story building hugging the alley. A cute blonde girl lived there the past couple of years. I didn't see much of her unless there was snow to be cleared away. Then we would take turns bitching about it and blaming each other for the white crap.

This spring a For Sale sign showed up on the property. I watched in amusement as other neighbors walked up to take info sheets from the dispenser. I kept thinking about these nosy people and how their intent had negative consequences. They were taking information sheets not because they were interested in the property but because they wanted to know how much she wanted for the place. Taking sheets gives a false indication that people want to buy your place. I did hear how much she wanted for hit when some loudmouth lady (I know, redundant) remarked about the price.

The sign was taken down over a month ago but I haven't seen any sign of life in the building. I did see the blonde about 2 months back for a brief time when she came by the place but otherwise have no idea where she went. Some cars with Ohio plates have been parked in front of the house but I have seen them go into the big house on the corner. At night there are no lights on in the house. However, I think someone did go inside and close the windows.

I wonder what happened to the blonde girl. She take a new job in a different city? She get married and move away? She lose the house to the bank? Did she take the dogs from my neighbor on the other side of my house?

I just noticed the other day that the annoying dogs my other neighbor had are gone. The little dogs that would bark and snarl at me each day when I went on my porch to get my mail are no longer there. These dogs would tick me off. Each morning I would hear them being let out to do their business and each morning they would bark like crazy. I am not sure when they disappeared but can't say I miss them.

I read the update on the Mercury Marine negotiations this morning with amusement. I am amused because the union thinks they can still negotiate. They don't understand that the company gave a final offer. The union vote was basically a resignation. Whether the workers were led to vote this way or not, they should understand that the company is not to blame. They are. And they should accept the fact they that basically quit their jobs by voting against the contract. The union can whine about their being no guarantee about jobs staying in Fond du Lac all they want but the bottom line is they made sure there would be no jobs there by voting no.

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AletaR said...

It's "big mouth broad" not "loud mouth lady".