Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday thoughts

So now some union members at Mercury Marine are waking up to reality and want to vote again. I picture their spouses getting on their cases over the past couple days, ragging on them for basically quitting their jobs. Income via the job is more than what is received through unemployment. Now is the time for union leaders to think of the workers, not the union.

Been watching a lot of Dexter on Showtime lately. Fantastic series IMO.

A serial killer in Wisconsin??? Get out!!

A local politician is trying to ban bartenders from drinking while on the job. No, he really is. He think part of the problem in Wisconsin in a bartender being too sloshed to know not to serve a fellow drunk. Take in from a guy who has frequented a bar where the owners got piss drunk all the time. They do not need to worry about them overserving someone. They need to worry about the owner shitting his pants, walking out of the men's room buck naked, or falling down stairs, smashing his head into concrete and laying in a pool of his own blood.

No, I don't own a bar.

The whole Brett Favre thing still amuses me. I cannot believe people want him to get hurt now. They want blood. Bad. Just a couple years ago the same people were forwarding "Our Favre" and putting him on a pedastel, bowing to him like he was a football God. Now that he is wearing purple they despise him. You reap what you sow, no? Better yet, explain to them it is their own fault for this and they cannot understand.

Even better yet is Packer's linebacker Barnett making the comment on how he wants to lay a hit on Favre. Last I checked Barnett only hit women, not QBs. Oh yeah, I went there.

Putting Ted Kennedy's name on a really bad health bill is a tribute? Congress needs to wake up and listen to the people. The majority of America does not want this bill passed. Start over. Those against the bill are not against health care reform. They are against a poorly crafted piece of legislation that ultimately takes away their current plans. The people are speaking against it. Take the time to listen to what people want and craft a new bill.

Saw some rumors that Brewers may deal Trevor Hoffmann to the Phillies. Sigh. I wish I could argue against such a move.

I need the weekend sooner than later. Work stuff is killing me the last couple of days. The bottom of a bottle sounds pretty damn inviting.

Ice cream incident update: As I had said, my intention was to not let this bother me and I think I did a good job. Until yesterday. My initial concern was realize and basically things were going untouched. So I took the 3 single cups of ice cream out of the ice maker and put it with the soda replacing the bucket back and turning the ice back on. So far no reaction. I think it is a matter of time before someone looks in and tossed these 3 cups back into the ice. If so, I will toss them out.

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