Friday, September 18, 2009

Boob tube

I did something I hadn't done in quite a bit of time. I watched Survivor. Seeing nothing of interest on the tube I saw that a new season of Survivor was starting and decided to give it some attention. It may have been a good choice since not more than 5 minutes later I was watching some blonde girl crawling on a balance beam with her goodies hanging out. Damn censors had to blur it out but it was enough to keep me watching to see how the rest of the talent was. I am glad I did as there were some cute chicks on the show.

Or should I say "dumb ass girls". Yep, that is how one dude (a self proclaimed multi-millionaire who owns an oil company who is on the show to prove it is easy to win- damn the money!) described them. His dumb ass girls that he had formed an alliance with. This guy is determined to become not just the biggest douchebag in Survivor history but is angling to be the biggest dick in all of television history.

He said he would do anything to win and has not held back. Episode one had him dumping out everyone's canteen while they tried to sleep. He even started burning their socks in the fire. He later managed to act like he was personally threatened by a girl ("she came at me") just to get her voted off because she didn't trust him. Is there anything he won't do? This assclown may have people watching just so they can hate him. It may have me tuning in next week just to see what he will do next.

Speaking of assclowns, what is up with the show Monk. I recall this coming on a couple years ago and thinking it was pretty good. Tony Shaloub made the character quite interesting, very likable with all his quirky ways. You felt sorry for the state he was in due to the murder of his wife years ago. I watched the first couple seasons but found myself disinterested last year. I started watching this year as this season will be the last and one show is about solving his wife's murder.

So far I can help but think the show pretty much sucks. First, Monk is a total asshole now. The way he treats people is pathetic. Talking down, being dismissive, having no tolerance. He acts like a San Francisco politician. It was never like that before.

Second, the writing is terrible. In one episode, a lawyer brings in a wheel barrow full of stones that was evidence. Monk had claimed a sculptor killed his wife and that his alibi that he was sculpting nude woman statue was wrong. Monk alleged the two ton "Belgian marble" had been broken down and distributed across the guys's driveway. The defense attorney picks up two random pieces of stone and says "do these fit together?" to shoot down his argument. Monk ends up going crazy and trying to prove it happened his way by rummaging through the stone and finding pieces that fit. WTF?

What kind of shitty prosecuting attorney was on the case? Shouldn't he have known the wheelbarrow of stones was going to be used as evidence? Hell, I would have had a geologist on the stand certifying it was indeed the "Belgian marble" and that they wouldn't fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. I would then have had a contractor that works with driveways in to explain what stone is usually used on a frickin' driveway. Who is the moron who came up with this plot anyways?

Finally there is one of my favorite shows that is back. The Ultimate Fighter kicked off Wednesday with the heavyweights battling it out. I give Kimbo Slice much credit for putting his ego aside and coming in to compete. Sadly, his chances are diminished by having Rampage Jackson as his coach. He was terrible as a coach a couple seasons back and looks to be even worse. In the first fight this is the awesome advice he gave his fighter as the competition wore on: "Get up!" "Do something" "He's going to do the same thing". I must have missed some other gems like "Hit him" or "Circle" (fight coaches love to yell circle!). Those on Jackson's team are in for a long season. I feel bad for them.

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AletaR said...

I can't believe you were sucked in to Survivor! Never watched it after the first season, but won in pools twice so far.