Thursday, September 17, 2009

Crazy Cat Man of Lafayette County

I enjoy getting away from the city and getting into the small towns of Wisconsin. Life is so much different that I find it both amusing and amazing. I don't denigrate anyone for the way they live, whether it be lavish or simple. As long as they are happy and able to live a life they choose without infringing on others so be it. But I ain't a saint either. I goof on people. Thus I bring you the Crazy Cat Man of Lafayette County.

It was when me and Ricard (name changed to protect the innocent) were fishing by the damn in the morning session. I was walking back from using the outhouse when I noticed a Toyota van driving into the parking lot. I ignored it because I wanted to get back to catching the big ugly carp that were swimming around.

Soon after the van parked this short guy with a bushy white beard approached and made small talk with Ricard. He seemed overly excited when Ricard hooked something. He was animated and then disappointed when Ricard lost the fish. Soon Ricard would have another one on the line. At this point the bushy bearded man asked if he went down the rocks below and netted the fish could keep them. He said he had cats at home that would love the fish, even if it was just carp. As he babbled, I could have sworn he said he had 8 cats.

Ricard and I didn't care if he took the fish. Ricard would be happy getting the carp out of the lake. I took some pictures of Crazy Cat Man of Lafayette County. I thought I had transferred more from my iPhone before I deleted them but I guess I hadn't.

Here the Crazy Cat Man climbing up the rocks. I would have set the odds at 2-1 he was going to fall down into the water. If he busted his head open along the way he was screwed as said iPhone didn't get a receptin in the middle of nowhere.

I like this pic. Crazy Cat Man thinks I am taking a picture of the fish but my intent was to get one of him. The more he talked and got excited about us hooking carp, the more I began to think there were no cats and that he himself would be eating the fish.

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TenMile said...

Donna know about you, but Carp deep fried or pressure cooked make decent eating.